New Sabina – A Fresh Chapter Unfolds

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  • Stand-alone villa185 - 225 m2Upon request €
  • Twin villa161 m2Upon request €
  • Townhouse143-147 m2Upon request €


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A Fresh Chapter Unfolds


In light of Sabina’s desirability, a new extended neighborhood is now triumphantly emerging. A thriving legacy continues; namely New Sabina.


Positioned between the south and central El Gouna areas, blissful living is brought to life. Overlooking an expanded lagoon; the extension expresses authenticity and serenity. Echoing its predecessor, New Sabina honors historic Nubian-style architectural heritage and tradition, adding to the charm of properties within the brand-new locale. Every home has direct lagoon access, ensuring one can connect with nature and enjoy spectacular views. Welcome to a place that promises a generous lifestyle, and where past perfection is redefined at every turn.


Evolving a heritage of excellence


Along the tranquil water’s edge, New Sabina calls. The extended residential development embodies everything you could envision in a lagoonside neighborhood.
Spanning over eight acres of land, a lagoon anchors the suburb, which in turn makes up forty percent of the project’s total area. Upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship
and attention to detail, each property beckons homeowners seeking El Gouna’s legendary architectural aesthetic. Each authentic home, echoes Nubian design features. Perfectly paired with the surrounding landscape, earthy tones, domes, and traditional wooden details accent the properties.


New Sabina is a cozy neighborhood, consisting of stand-alone villas, twin villas and townhouses that all have uninterrupted direct lagoon views. When reimaging the
expanded destination, the architects and designers not only focused on creating beautiful homes, they wanted to provide homeowners with an unparalleled waterside living experience. Conveniently two to three kilometers away from the popular Downtown area and Abu Tig Marina, a new, vibrant community will be able to fully live their desired El Gouna lifestyle.


Prices for available units will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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